What are the Benefits of Having a WordPress Website?

What are the Benefits of Having a WordPress Website?First of all, what is wordpress? Simply said, it is the fastest growing and most widely used open source content management system available. The limitations that you can do with it, are becoming far and few, and the benefits are through the roof. What are the benefits?

1. The Importance of a Content Management System

The first benefit is the importance of having a content management system or what we would call a CMS Platform. After your website is completely set up and stylized by your web developer, then a small amount of training will take place, then you, the user, will be able to make edits to your website, without any coding experience whatsoever. You might ask, “What is it that I can edit?” The answer is everything! From adding pictures and videos, paragraphs, color schemes, it can all be done with a couple of hours of training by your web developer, and the click of a button. The unique thing about WordPress is that it wasn’t created as a content management system, it was created as a blog format, but over the years it has evolved into a very powerful tool for the consumer.

2. WordPress is Completely User Friendly!

Don’t be afraid of getting on the backend of your website, and finding something so unfamiliar, that you are terrified to use it. If you can edit your social media account, Twitter, Google +, Facebook (which by the way is not user friendly whatsoever), then you can edit your WordPress Website. Also I highly guarantee, that after you get used to it, you’ll definitely enjoy being in the pilot seat of updating and editing your newly designed Worpress Website.

3. Multiple Users with Different Roles

With the ability to control the show, and who has access to the backend of your website, you can set up multiple users with similar roles as you, or totally modified. If you have a business partner, or even an employee that’s going to manage your web content for you, then you can set them up as administrators. Or say that you want someone that is going to post a weekly blog for you, you wouldn’t want them to have full editing capabilities to your website, just blog access, well you can do this by setting this person up as a “Contributor”, and they’ll have a very minimized account to work with. This will save you the stress of worrying about them having total access to the website, just the parts that you want them to have.

4. Adding and Deleting is a Breeze!

Whether you have a 10 page website and want to add 5 more pages or delete 5 pages, WordPress gives you the ability to this quickly and efficiently. Even if it’s a promo page, or a page that will be short term page, you can create it. Also if you want to add a page that is not in your site navigation, this is no problem. Just create an alternate menu, and substitute it for the main navigation, and don’t include this page, very simple!


Trust and believe, that this isn’t all the features to what WordPress can do, but this is some of the highlights. The more and more you use your wordpress website, the more things you will discover, and fall in love with it. So in conclusion, WordPress is fun and gives you a feeling of control and accomplishment. With you partnering with your Web Developer, the two of you will be able to come up with exciting and new ways to advertise your business through your new WordPress Website.

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