5 Valuable Tips to Increase Your SEO Ranking

5 Valuable Tips to Increase Your SEO RankingWhen developing a website, one of the first things you should have in mind is, “What is my game plan for the SEO Ranking of this Website?” Most likely, the first question that a customer usually asks before having a website designed is, “Am I going to be able to be found?” The answer to this question is conditional. It could be “yes” based on the amount of work you as the customer are willing to do, or it could be “probably not” if you’re not willing to update your information on a regular basis.

1. Keeping Your Information Fresh

The best way to keep your information fresh, is for you to make up your mind, and say that I’m willing to do what it takes. So if you’re willing to do what it takes, then the same blog that you are reading now, is what you will do to keep massive amounts of information coming to your website. What if you’re not a strong writer? There are individuals called Content Managers and this is what they specialize in, is Content Management, writing and editing information. The best person for this job is probably the same person that developed your website.

2. Why Is It Important To Blog?

Not only does blogging keep massive amounts of information coming to your website on a regular basis, but blogging keeps relevant information coming to your website on a regular basis. Blogging relevant information to your website is significant, because it increases the amount of keywords that are in your website. When your web developer develops your website, he should develop a keyword or key phrase list that will be imbedded in the source code of your website. The more times these keywords or key phrases appear in the content of your website, the higher the possibility of your website ranking within the search engines.

3. Driving Traffic To Your Website

Once you’ve established a writing schedule for your blogs, once a week, twice a week, once a month, then you are going to start posting links to your blogs via social media. I truly believe as a business, that social media makes blogging all worthwhile. Every time you blog and you post these blogs through Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, you are creating what is called back links. Back links are exactly what they’re called, links that lead back to your website. This starts to create traffic. With back links available, this increases the validity of your website. The more back links that you can get back to your website, the more your traffic will increase. Thus, increasing the possibility of your website ranking within the search engines.

4. Video and Picture Tags

You may ask, “Is there any way that I can label my pictures and videos, that would help my SEO Ranking?” Absolutely! With pictures and videos you can add titles and alt tags to them to make them SEO friendly. Your title tag is going to be the label of the picture when someone rolls over it, and your alt tag is what will show, if the picture doesn’t show when being viewed on the browser.

5. Basic SEO Rules

When the search engine spiders or robots are scanning through your website, there are some basic things that they are looking for. Side Note* If there is a whole bunch of useless code in the header of your website, then it will take the search robots too long to get to the content of your website resulting in a low SEO Ranking. That’s why it’s important to use external style sheets and external files for your javascript and jquery files.* The first thing that the search engine robots should see is your list of keywords or key phrases and your meta-description. Secondly, your keywords and key phrases should be used in your heading tags. Naturally, the order of importance matters based on the chronological order of the heading tags, with H1 being the most important, and H6 being the least important. Then after you enter your heading tags, you want to make sure that your content is saturated with your keywords and/or key phrases.


So as you can see, developing SEO for your website isn’t just one thing, but a group of things working together to help create a ranking for your website. Working together with your web developer to help you manage these task, will help your website begin to appear in the search engine rankings. If you do these things continuously, then you are setting your website up for a very successful campaign, and more importantly increasing your public visibility. Warning: Do not get complacent or satisfied with where you are currently ranked, because chances are, you won’t be there next week!

God Bless!

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