Our Services

Terms & Conditions

1. Rights – Upon full payment of receipt, all rights of website and artwork will solely belong to the customer. Ramirez Creative Solutions, will retain the website and/or artwork as a design template only, withdrawing from any use of the customers information, and will only use the work for portfolio presentations.

2. Credit – Unless otherwise agreed, the Designer shall be accorded a credit line on all published websites, to read as “Designed By Ramirez Creative Solutions | www.ramirezsolutions.com”

3. Change Orders – Work change orders will be issued for additional work and changes added during the process of the customers project. Change Order Forms will include the change or addition requested, estimated additional cost, and changes to the work schedule or project completion. The customer gets a total of 3 initial changes to the design on any print or web related work, any additional changes to the design will incur additional charges on the final invoice.

4. Payment – Ramirez Creative Solutions, expects payment in full upon project delivery. An initial Non-Refundable 50% deposit of payment is due upon the signing of this document unless paid in full upon the start of the project. All payments will be recieved via Paypal, unless discussed otherwise. All work will start as soon as initial payment is recieved, this includes any samples of work documents that have to be created, in which the 3 additional changes to the design stands as stated in the change order section of this contract.

5. Responsibility – The site is solely provided as a resource for the Client to use as an advertisement avenue. Ramirez Creative Solutions is not responsible for increased sales, network boost, or website traffic. We can develop an SEO Plan as a part of the client project to boost website traffic, which will be a result of SEO(Search Engine Optimization) standards.

6. Cancellations – In the event of customer cancellation, Ramirez Creative Solutions reserves the right to keep the initial 50% deposit.

Services & Prices

1. Websites – We specialize in wordpress websites. The wordpress website serves as a Content Management System, which is database ran off of the customers domain server space. The benefit to the WordPress site is that all text, pictures, and parts of the layout, are all able to be edited by the user. The turn around time for this type of website is 10 to 14 days.

2. Website/Content Management | SEO Packages – The website/content management & SEO Packages service is a service that is designed to save the customer time from editing thier website/blog/social media, freeing them to run thier business and to increase SEO Ranking. This service will keep all your media advertisement in the person’s hands that created the project.

The Website/Content Management & SEO Packages service includes:
– Facebook/Twitter/Linked In/YouTube Account Management
– Daily/Weekly or Monthly Blog Updates
– SEO Friendly Website Edits/Daily & Weekly Video Uploads
– Daily & Weekly Editable Text & Picture Uploads

The benefits to this service is freeing the customer from time consuming edits and the ability to drive traffic to the website.

For More Information, please refer to: Our Content Management Package Breakdown.

3. Logo/Grapic Design/Logo Duplication – Logo Design is creating a branding as a customers image. Each logo design gets (3) edits, any edits after that, will be an additional charge. For a Logo Creation quote please visit: http://www.ramirezsolutions.com/contact-us-today/. Logo Duplication means to make a vector copy of a logo that has already been designed, but customer does not have the source files, for a quote on this service, please visit: http://www.ramirezsolutions.com/contact-us-today/. All graphic design will be billed hourly, unless charged as logo art, which would fall under our logo prices. Graphic Design is defined as any picture created for the web or print projects.

4. Training – This service is training for managing of your wordpress content management system, this training usually will take about 2 hours, depending on the amount of knowledge the customer will require. Other training is for HTML/CSS training for clients that don’t have a Content Management System, but would like to make alot of thier own changes. This training will also be billed as the wordpress training. To schedule training please visit: http://www.ramirezsolutions.com/contact-us-today/.

5. Content Writing – Ramirez Creative Solutions will meet with you to aid you in writing the content for your website. This service will be billed hourly with the option to package the final hours into a set pricing package, and this will be discussed, at the time of estimate. To receive a quote for Content Writing, please visit: http://www.ramirezsolutions.com/contact-us-today/.

6. Print Advertising – Print Advertising qualifies as business cards, flyers, mailers, letterheads, banners, posters, door hangers, signs, books or anything that is designed for print that advertises a product or service. All Print Advertising will be charged hourly, plus the price of printing and shipping & handling. To request printing services, please visit: http://www.ramirezsolutions.com/contact-us-today/.

7. CD Design/Album Art/CD Duplication – This service of CD Design/Album Art is only designated for Christian artist & clean music artist only, this is the only speculation, because Ramirez Internet Solutions is a Christian-ran Organization, it would be unbeneficial to support or endorse music that opposed our values as a company. To recieve a quote for our CD Packages(CD/Album Art Design & CD Duplication) please visit: http://www.ramirezsolutions.com/contact-us-today/.